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About the surname

The original German spelling was actually Sußdorf / Sussdorf with double "s" in the middle. It migrated to Susdorf with regular "s", possibly as a misspelling.

According to google, there are hundreds or even thousands of people called Susdorf or Sussdorf. Most of the persons found on the web are living in Germany or USA. People who gained some popularity include US-american baseball players Steve and Billy (William) Susdorf.

If you are looking for genealogical data, then I've got probably an interesting information to share. An internet-research to the family's past led me to a web site, which stated that our last name was listed in the Katharinenstadt census report of 1798. Archived copy of this site is currently available here, our name is spelled in census report as Sustorf (Sussdorf). Katharinenstadt (also known as Baronsk, Yekaterinenstadt, Marxstadt, Marx) is a city in today's Russia, founded in the late XVIII century as a colony by german settelers, known as Volga Germans or common Germans from Russia. A branch of today's Susdorf families (including mine) originate from this city in Russia. Another branches are obviously from various parts of Germany/Prussia and from Poland.

According to the ancestry.com website, Susdorfs immigrated to the USA in the second half of XIX century. Amazing - there is even a book in USA called "The Susdorf Name in History" published by ancestry.com and available on Amazon.

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Other Susdorf/Sussdorf domains
  • susdorf.org and susdorf-online.de lead to Germany-based private family website.
  • susdorf-immobilien.de - real estates company from Germany.
  • sussdorfrealestate.com - real estates company from USA
  • susdorf.de - small IT business in Germany, near Bonn .
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